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We offer three power levels of tanning beds/booths:

- Level 1 beds are conventional beds. They have full UVA and UVB exposure. It will not penetrate the skin as much as the Medium or High pressure beds. This bed is good for individuals looking to get a base before going into the sun. Recommended 5-6 sessions to get a good base.

- Level 2 beds are Medium pressure beds. They have full UVA and UVB exposure throughout the body bulbs and a lower pressure UVA exposure in the facial bulbs making skin damage less likely. This bulb creates a deeper tan that will last much longer than the Level 1 bed. Recommended 4-5 sessions to achieve a good base.

- Level 3 beds are our High Pressure beds. They have a lower UVA and UVB exposure, creating a safer tan on the body and face. This bulb will give you the longest lasting tan and is very suitable for people looking to get a base tan for natural sunlight.


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